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Welcome to Sanding Hardwood Floor Guys where we understand your needs more than anybody else. At our company, we provide feasible solutions by removing all the old coats of the shiny hardwood surface, which is done before handling the final touches of refinishing the old hardwood floor. For these services and more, contact us via 888-594-3381


Free floor study

We at Sanding Hardwood Floor Guys believe that our floors are very different in design, texture and even through the materials used to construct the floor. Due to this, a case study of the floor is done comprehensively before sanding the floor. All this is done at an absolutely zero fee at our company. We usually sand a flat surface up and down the grain while an uneven floor is sanded across the grain. Once contacted via 888-594-3381.Our team of skilled personnel comes over, takes its time to study the floor and later comes up with decisive conclusions.


Protective mechanisms

Hardwood floor sanding involves so much noise, dust and everything seems messed up. This creates a soiled environment especially if there are people with allergy or children around. Due to this, we at Sanding Hardwood Floor Guys have come up with a mechanism that will help in protecting not only its employees but also its clients. This unique protective mechanism has helped us to be honored by our clients and helped us triumph over other hardwood sanding companies. We offer heavy protective attires, ear shields and even respiratory masks to ensure that we are all safe. Contact us and take pleasure in our care only at 888-594-3381

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* Cost effectiveness

Might you have been procrastinating the sanding of your hardwood floor due to financial constraints? Well, you are in the right place. We at Sanding Hardwood Floor Guys are here to offer the most competitive pricing on our services. Kindly call us today on 888-594-3381 and we will be there to rebuff your finish, sand it with maximum professionalism and finish the flooring at an economical value.

Free floor inspection services

We at Sanding Hardwood Floor Guys have trained inspectors in our team. They have worked in the floor sanding industry for decades and understand the hardwood floors from the core. Our company sends forth the inspector(S) to the site at the companys cost after which they check on everything from the floors thickness to its shape. Do you need this service? Call us now on 888-594-3381 and the inspector will be right at your doorstep to make certain that there is enough wood to carry out the sanding process.

* Drum sanding

We at Sanding Hardwood Floor Guys are responsible of offering drum sanding services to you. This is done by using a drum sander from the center of the room and effectively working your way throughout the room. If in need of this service, please do not hesitate contacting us through 888-594-3381

Floor staining

This is done by our experts in Sanding Hardwood Floor Guys applying a thin sealer. Oil based products or water could as well be used as a sealer, depending on our clients preference. We offer this service at an affordable rate and the process does not consume a lot of time. Kindly get back to us via 888-594-3381

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